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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Psychic Consultant, Karen McKnight

With so many talented psychics offering their services these days, it can be extremely difficult trying to find the individual that you will feel comfortable with during a psychic reading. For this reason I have included a little bit of background information in the section called "About Karen". For even more insights into my personality you may consider looking at the section entitled “Testimonials”.

It is my belief that the psychic sense is not a rare gift that has been bestowed upon a select few, and that we all have psychic abilities simply in need of awakening. With this being the case, you will see that instructional information is available in the section called “Workshops”.

The section entitled “Literature” contains a few articles that you may find interesting as it pertains to specific areas of spirituality.

If after gathering all of this information you decide that you would like to purchase a service, you will find a list of prices included in the section called “Psychic Readings” as well as contact information in the section called “Contact Us”.

Again, thank you for you interest. I sincerely hope that you find what you are searching for!

Karen McKnight

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